How Spirituality Helps Me Overcome Body Image Issues

Body Love

One thing that has helped my body peace journey is spirituality. Everyone has different religions, spiritual beliefs and beliefs that are right for them. Below is just how spirituality has helped me on my journey and may not work with you and that is moreeee than ok.

  1. We are divine beings (souls), who are the magnificent Universe expressing itself in human form for a short period of time.
  2. Our bodies are sacred, divine Earth suits, for our souls to express themselves through on this Earth.
  3. We all have a soul purpose, here on this Earth, at this particular period of time. Focusing on what our body looks like, steals time and focus from living this truth and purpose we came here for.
  4. We can’t serve others when we are consumed by our body’s appearance.
  5. Not so spiritual… but how incredible is it that our body always works to keep us alive. It goes through the most incredible and intricate processes to keep us alive and living this life. Honestly, it is just mind blowing to me. Our bodies are just incredible.

You may not believe the above, and that is totally cool.

But for those of you who those points resonate with, really read them and really soak them up. Really feel them.

You are the UNIVERSE expressing itself. Is that not absolutely, mind blowingly incredible!?

You came here to live a purpose. Do you think focusing on the size of your body is serving you to live your purpose?

We are here to serve others in divine love. Do you think being consumed by what your body looks like helps you serve others in truth?

Really think about these things. Feel them.

When I realised these things and when I really soaked them up and felt them, everrrrything changed for me with body image and having my worth attached to the size of my body.

All the years of hating my body, of thinking my worth was attached to my body size started to melt away.

I am not here to have a “good body”. I am not here to worry about how others perceive my body. I am not here to focus on having toned abs. I am not here to focus on the weight of my body. I am not here to force myself to fit into a size that my body is not naturally meant to be.

I am here to live my soul purpose. I am here to let the Universe express itself through me.

This truth is freeing.

And it is not our faults we become so obsessed with our body image. We are surrounded by the media and society telling us to be thinner, to be more toned, to have a Kardashian bum, to be this, to be that, to focus on your body. We are brought up with everyone being so bloody focused on their weight and their worth being determined by their weight.

Our ego can be crafty and one of the easiest ways we think we can control our lives and what is going wrong for us, is to “fix it all” by controlling the shape of our body. To manipulate it and to think that everything will be ok when I have thinner legs, a more toned bum, no cellulite – insert body image issue.

I am telling you now. It is all BULLSHIT. It is unnecessary distractions from what you are truly here for. It holds you back from being the divine and magnificent being you are. It keeps you small.

So forgive yourself. And choose to accept who you truly are; an amazing, worthy, loving being who is not defined by the size and shape of her body.

Our bodies are divine vessels and earth suits that carry our souls through this life. It is important to honour them, love them, to look after them and nourish them. But it is not important to manipulate them to be a size they are not meant to naturally be or to let the shape of it take over your every waking moment of your life.

So am I now immune to body image issue thoughts? No. But each time a thought comes up like oh my goodness, you are a Nutritionist, you should be slimmer, more toned blah blah blah (insert bullshit ego commentary), I am like thanks for that mind, and then I choose to return to love, to focus on the spiritual reality of why I am really here and who I really am. And then I am back in the game. I understand the true nature and function of my body, I honour it, I love it, I respect it and I am so bloody grateful for everything it does to allow me to live this life.

This is how spirituality has helped me let go of body image issues. And I hope that it helps you too.

No questions, just thoughts.

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  • Reply Laura Agar Wilson

    THIS!!!! Yes x 1000, brilliant post Lauren and absolutely spot on! I’m reading some books by Lisa Lister at the moment called Code Red and Love your lady landscape (which I’d highly recommend, I think you’d love them!) and that has really helped me process yet another shift. Understanding we are so affected by patriarchy and how we are being kept small, especially by this focus that all women should want to be thin, has really woken me up. Great post xx

    August 15, 2016 at 7:45 pm
    • Reply thebrightfulllife

      Thanks so much Laura. That means a lot coming from you 🙂
      I will check those books out for sure. All this divine feminine stuff really lights me up!
      I am glad you’ve processed another shift 🙂

      August 15, 2016 at 8:32 pm

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