Growing Positive Thoughts

grow positive thoughts

Today, I want to talk about growing positive thoughts.

I started having kinesiology a couple of months ago after my course manager recommended it would be good for me. I am so happy she recommended it to me, because each session I have, clears so much shit for me and leaves me feeling confident, calm, centred, happy and so excited about life.

I have only had three sessions so far but I can honestly say they are really, really helping me and my journey. If you feel drawn or called to trying kinesiology yourself, give it a whirl.

I went into my third session today feeling a bit scatty, run down still and stressed about being so busy; overwhelm. I came out feeling calm, happy, blessed, excited and balanced. Honestly, this shit really works.

Anyway… after my third session today, I feel compelled to write about growing positive thoughts.

I have talked before how all thoughts are not facts, and that we can choose to believe in some and not others.

Today I want to grow this further by talking about how we can grow positive thoughts.

As someone who has suffered from anxiety (I will write about this soon, when the time is right), I can often focus on what can go wrong so that I can prepare or fix this.

The problem here though is that the more I focus on what can go wrong, or what might happen, or if I might be anxious, guess what? That keeps me stuck in a low, fear vibration. That gives me exactly what I am thinking about, because that is what I am focusing on.

So what to do?

Change my focus; grow positive thoughts.

How about I focus on what could go right? How about I be kind to myself? How about I always choose to love myself? How about I focus on gratitude? How about I focus on the present moment, the gift it is to be alive? How about I focus on what I would actually liiiiiike to experience and how I would like to be?

Do you think this would bring positive experiences and heighten my vibration? Do you think I would be in a higher love vibration?

I would hazard a guess to say yes.

Positive thoughts alone aren’t enough though. And this is where belief and faith comes in. A strong faith and belief in what can go right. Without changing our beliefs, our outside world won’t change.


For me personally, a big thing that came up was a lack of trust in the future and hence my worrying about it and the negative outcomes that could happen.

For me I am going to grow the positive though of “I have faith in the future”.

Worth a shot, right?

Lets try and focus on what can go RIGHT, have FAITH and BELIEVE in ourselves.

What positive thoughts can you grow today?

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