You Were Not Put On This Earth To Manipulate The Size And Shape Of Your Body


Today’s post is a message of empowerment to women of all ages, who have ever struggled with their body image and who may still be struggling now….

As we enter the wonderful Christmas season (if you celebrate Christmas), we can all have a lot of social events, drinks and dinners to attend. Couple that with the Summer heat of Australia and “bikini body season” (you already have a bikini body BTW… you have a body and you have a set of swimmers…anyway…), the pressure and worry about your body can be exacerbated at this time of year whether you are in Summer or Winter. I am here to tell you that;

You were not put on this Earth to manipulate the size and shape of your body.

I know this message can be quite confronting and I know that it can be really, really difficult to accept and love your natural body size in the society we live in. Especially if you have spent a good chunk of your life trying to change your body. All around us in the Western world (and other parts of the world), we are sold the idea that in order to be loved and accepted we must be thinner, musclier, curvier, “insert whichever body changing way is being sold as best to be”. This can trickle down through families, through community consciousness and lots of different media outlets.

The pure truth of the matter is that all bodies, all sizes and all shapes are worthy and are loveable. Whether you are thin, fat, curvy, muscly, slender, wobbly, soft, thick, bottom heavy, top heavy – WHATEVER.

You are an incredible being on this magical Earth, who has so many gifts and talents to share with the world, even if you are not aware of them.

When we are focussing all of our energy on trying to change our bodies, the world misses out on our amazingness. It misses out on our gifts and our talents and you miss out on the gifts and experiences life has to offer you. The amount of times in the past that I avoided wonderful experiences and interactions because I was trying to manipulate my body makes me really sad. All because I used to equate my self worth to my size.

When we make peace with our bodies, love them and look after them, we free up so much space. We have so much freedom to live our lives how we are truly meant to live them; full, free and full of adventure. We are free to enjoy different experiences in life and we don’t avoid amazing experiences because we are scared we might put on weight, or eat something unhealthy or “insert fear around body and food behaviour here”.

It gives us freedom to show up to the people we love to enjoy life. It gives us space to show up to the people in our lives with pure service and love. It gives us space to work out how we can help serve others in this world and live our dreams. It helps us to develop the most important relationship we will ever have; the one with ourselves.

It is not an easy journey to body love and acceptance, I am not going to say it is. I spent nearly a decade of my life at war with my body. But I tell you now, from the bottom of my heart, it is so frigging worth it. I hope and pray that you will take the first steps to loving and accepting your body the way it was meant to be and let yourself live the full life you were always meant to live.

I know you can do it. You absolutely can!

Now go and enjoy the festive season and don’t give what your body looks like a second thought or indulgence. Be present, enjoy time with your loved ones and enjoy some delicious eats and fun!


No questions, just thoughts.

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