5 New Years Intentions That May Help Your Wellbeing – Mind, Body and Soul

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Happy Holidays everyone šŸ™‚

I hope you all have had a lovely time or break no matter what you celebrate or do not celebrate this time of year. And a note for those who have not had an enjoyable time, please know that you aren’t alone. The holiday season can actually be a really tricky time for a lot of people, especially for those of us who are sensitive or struggle with mental health issues. Under all the pressure to be festive and happy can lie depression, anxiety, eating disorders, social anxiety, not feeling good enough, reiterating being alone and more. Please know you are loved and that is okay that you were not a perfectly glitzy, shiny and happy elf managing every social and food situation with ease and grace 24/7. We are all human and on different journeys; you are enough.

Now moving on to today’s post… This is the time that millions of articles go up on how to lose weight, “detox” or “make up for the all of the festive food” yada yada yada. Please know that you do not need to make up for anything. Listen to your body and what makes you feel well in mind, body and soul.

I would like to share five things that may help toĀ promote positive change for your mind, body and soul instead of making you feel inadequate or not good enough (you are more than enough B T W).

  1. Be Kind To Yourself and Give Yourself CompassionĀ – This one very thing has helped my emotional and mental wellbeing hugely. By being kind to myself and giving myself compassion, instead of judging myself so harshly on every little thing I do, has helped me in many things from overcoming perfectionism issues, to overcoming disordered eating, to loving and accepting myself no matter what. Treat yourself like you would your best friend. You wouldn’t be nasty and horrible to your friend would you? But we are often so nasty and horrible to ourselves. Work to overcome that mean girl in your head each day and be kind to yourself and show yourself compassion.
  2. Work onĀ Loving and Accepting Yourself – Personally, I think learning loving and accepting yourself is one of the single most important things we can do in life. When you love and accept yourself unconditionally, it gives you the capacity to fully love and accept others. Learning to love and accept yourself brings inner peace, which I believe has a ripple effect in helping others be at peace too. This is probably one of the hardest journeys for us to do, as our egos like to keep us stuck in not loving ourselves or others. Take steps today to love and accept yourself, and watch how your life changes. (You can do this through a myriad of ways which would take up a lot of blog posts, but taking steps like being kind to yourself ^^^, seeing a therapist, accepting and loving your imperfections, forgiving yourself, giving yourself grace, practicing self care etc are a great place to start…).
  3. Meditation – Peace in our minds brings peace in our lives. Whilst we can’t control what may happen in our lives, we can work on choosing our reaction. MeditationĀ can help us in reacting in peace. Meditation can help us re balance, ground and feel more peaceful. I know that meditation has been an incredible tool in my life in helping me find some peace and clear out my energy. Apps like Headspace are amazing and can help us find more peace of mind in just ten minutes a day.
  4. Make Peace With Food and Our Bodies – Ending the battle against food and our bodies brings so much peace. It is not an easy battle but it is absolutely achievable and can 100 per cent be reached. Every person can make peace with their bodies. It takes a lot of work and daily work, and the timeline of healing is not set or linear (each person is different), but we can all do it. First steps to take are to seek help and guidance. If you are struggling with an eating disorder or disordered eating, this means seeking help from qualified medical practitioners and mental health therapists and eating disorder professionals. If you are stuck in the diet mentality or have some disordered thoughts around food – Ā therapists, coaches, books and qualified practitioners can all help.Ā A fantastic resource to start with is Intuitive EatingĀ and also a podcast called Food Psyche by Christy Harrison.
  5. Remember It Is OK Not To Feel OK –Ā In a world of “How to be the happiest and healthiest self ever” articles around left, right and centre, it can make people feel even more inadequate when they feel negative emotions. Remember that it is OK to not feel like a sparkly unicorn all the time (it is just not real life).Ā We need to honour our “negative” emotions too, feel them and learn to deal and process them in a healthy way. Otherwise, we just squish them down and they can get even stronger. Whilst it is important to focus on the positive, love and try to grow, we are worthy just as we are, no matter what we are feeling. Honour all of your feelings and remember you are worthy no matter what.

And remember, with the new year and 2017 coming, you DO NOT have to CHANGE your body. You are so, so, so, so worthy and loved and your size and shape do not determine your worth AT ALL.

Working on your mental health, honouring your body and wellbeing and satisfying your soul are positive ways to help your self in 2017.

Focus on love, especially loving your self.

LK xxx

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