I Can Still Suffer With Anxiety Sometimes And I Am Still Worthy


Good morning readers of the blog and the fabulous humans that you are. I hope this week was a good one and that 2017 is treating you well so far.

I am popping in today with a blog post that is close to my heart and one that I hope will help some of you lovely people out there who suffer with anxiety.

I once wrote a post about my journey with anxiety and yet I deleted it out of shame. I felt that suffering with anxiety meant I was unworthy, flawed or broken. Oh how wrong I was.

Now that I am in a place where I love and accept myself no matter what, I know that anxiety is not who I am, it is just a feeling that I can suffer with at different times, to different capacities and that is ok.

I am seriously dedicated to help people love and accept themselves no matter what. No matter what you are going through, or where you are in life, you are so incredibly worthy, loved and worthy of love, especially your own. And one thing that stopped me from really loving myself, was that I still suffered with anxiety and anxiety attacks at times. My crafty little ego liked to think that I was not “perfect enough” or couldn’t be seen as a self love and wellbeing promoter, because I still had anxiety. I read from one “self helpy” person that things like anxiety were “trivial”, and it caused me to believe I wasn’t good enough or worthy of full self love and acceptance yet.


We are worthy no matter what.

When I was 21, I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder. What may have be an ominous diagnosis, actually saved my life. At the time, I was drinking excessively (thank you UK Uni Party life), I was mid eating disorder, surviving on coffee, energy drinks and beige diet foods and I was busy working a part time job and doing Uni. That first panic attack off the back of a ridiculous binge drink and a subsequent diagnosis WOKE ME UP. It snapped me awake and had me thinking, what am I doing to myself!? This is no life to lead!

Anxiety has been a huge hurdle in my life to manage, but it has been the biggest blessing. Without it, who knows if I would even be on the planet today. It forced me to recover from my eating disorder, because I had to eat to feel better. It forced me to step onto the path of self discovery, love and acceptance. It got me to a place where I discovered what I am here to do on this planet and who I really am.

And yet, even though I am mostly recovered from anxiety as an issue and I manage my anxiety holistically (it is natural to feel some levels of anxiety in life, e.g. interview nerves, public speaking nerves etc), I can still have a little lapse into some OCD habits, a little social anxiety in certain situations and the odd anxiety attack when the train is helllllla busy and hot or when things get too overwhelming.

But even though I still experience anxiety, that is more than normal “life anxiety”, I am still incredibly worthy. Anxiety is not who I am. It is only one small part of me and it doesn’t need to be in the drivers seat. I am not Lauren Kennedy the anxious person, I am Lauren Kennedy who is a sensitive soul, that may sometimes experience higher than normal levels of anxiety than most people.

And it may be that I always have to manage it holistically or I may get to a point where I am 100% recovered and I only experience “normal life anxieties”. Who knows. But all I know is that I am worthy no matter what, and so are you.

And there is help out there, lots of help. I hope you find the courage to get help if you need it today. Just like physical diseases, anxiety issues are by and large, genetic and they can be healed and managed with the appropriate professional care.

If you are suffering from, have suffered from or sometimes suffer from anxiety or any other mental health issue, YOU ARE WORTHY. You are so incredibly worthy just for existing. You are loved. And you are not alone.

Millions of other people, from all walks of life, genders, races, abilities, socio economic levels and job titles suffer with mental health issues and they are worthy too. We all are.

Let’s drop the stigma that mental health issues can bring. The more we talk about it, the less power it has and the more we can get on with living our wonderful lives. The more we normalise it, the more people will work to look after their mental health, which is so incredibly important.

You are so strong. You are so worthy. You are loved.

The end.

(If you need help with your mental health, do not hesitate to contact your GP/Doctor who can refer you to counselling and help you come up with a treatment plan 🙂 )

Have you ever had any mental health struggles? How do you manage them/how did you overcome them?

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