Coconut and Raspberry Porridge

I am never going to be a fan of rush hour commuting in London.

Millions of people, small spaces, not enough fresh air = seriously ick. I really do not like it.

alpro coconut milk

Since I have been doing Headspace though, as well as the J man telling me the same thing, I have realised something. No one really likes commuting in rush hour. No shit Lauren, you are probably thinking…

But when you really stop and think about it. We all think that we are the only ones who are not enjoying being pushed onto a train with other people in a way that totally violates your personal space. No one enjoys it.

raspberry and coconut porridge

So when I get super stressed by it all, I am starting to remember that it is not me just feeling this, and weirdly it gets me out of my own head.

You see travelling on public transport in busy hours gives me a lot of anxiety. People in my space, being super hot, feeling trapped essentially. It is just ick. But when I remember that a lot of other people are feeling the same way, it kind of brings me peace, almost like we are kind of all in it together. Not that I want other people to feel anxious, obviously. Just that I am not the only person to ever experience anxiety on busy public transport, makes you feel less alone with it all.

raspberry and coconut porridge

Headspace is also amazing because it helps train you in letting the anxious feelings and thoughts float by. Instead of them totally taking over, you see them for what they really are, anxious thoughts and feelings. They aren’t the real you.

So coconut and raspberry porridge and commuting in rush hour. Totally linked…

raspberry and coconut porridge

Get this delicious breakfast bowl down you if you want something warm, nourishing and tasty. I am kind of in love with raspberries lately. I have never been their biggest fan but I am a changed woman these days. Frozen raspberries in smoothies, mixed into porridge or whizzed up in a cheeky little sauce – oh hello. That sweet yumminess mixed with some tartness –> so good.

If anything, just look at the colour. SO PRETTY. Who doesn’t want to eat pretty food?

You can totally top it with whatever you fancy. Obviously I topped it with a sensational amount of peanut butter as well as a trusty banana and a little bit of honey. It is also really yum if you add a little extra milk on top.

I used Alpro coconut milk because it tastes amazing. And given that I eat pretty much plant based (ethical reasons), it is fortified with some awesome nutrients like B12 that are essential in the diet. By the way, I am not affiliated with Alpro, nor do they give me free stuff, I just really like their plant based milks.

Give it a go…

Coconut and Raspberry Porridge – Serves One


1/2 cup rolled oats

1 cup Alpro coconut milk 

1/2 cup frozen raspberries

Toppings of choice – I used a heaping tbsp peanut butter, a banana, tsp ish honey and a little extra coconut milk.


  1. Add the oats and milk to the pan and simmer over a medium heat until a porridge consistency of your liking is reached.
  2. Around half way through, add the frozen raspberries and keep stirring.
  3. Serve with whatever toppings you fancy.

How do you get to Work/College/around? Do you live in a big city or a small town?

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