5 Things This Friday

Gelato Blue

  • I have been pretty terrible at blogging regularly lately. I know what I want to do/say/post, I just need to dooooo it. I am hoping to get into a twice a week post swing, but we shall see…
  • I am really missing Sydney today. It is the first time I have missed it properly. I miss some of the people (Nichole I am looking at YOU). We lived right by Newtown and I am craving walking up there on a warm breezy night and having a delicious dinner at The Golden Lotus, followed by a good film at the Dendy and then finishing the night with some incredible Gelato Blue. Oh and a cheeky afternoon by the sea would be so good right now. Australia, why must you be SO FAR AWAAAAYYYYYY.
  • I need to tell you guys about the Masters I am starting in September. I am pretty pumped about it. I will post about it next week 🙂
  • If you had a bad body image thought today, remember that you are more than a body. You are not here on this Earth to try and be a certain size/shape/look that the media or society tells you is “beautiful”. And whilst I am at it, you are not here to be beautiful either. You are so MUCH MORE than what you look like.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone. If you are in the UK, enjoy your bank holiday Monday 🙂

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