A Little Catch Up + Some Food Peace Resources

Hello, Hello, Hello.

Anyone else really enjoying this glorious sunshine? I feel like it makes everyone so much happier. I much prefer sunshine in the UK to sunshine in Sydney. Is that weird? I find Sydney sunshine super intense and like I’ll burn if I am in it for more than 20 seconds. UK sunshine however ——> LUSH.

Anyways… How is everyone? I have been back in the UK now for 3 months and those 3 months have a) flown by ridiculously quickly, and b) have been a rollercoaster.

I have not been feeling 100% since I have been back (Oh hey some icky anxiety that has resurfaced) and it has presented some challenging hurdles. Throw in a family issue, some living difficulties and a big hit from my intuition that my planned career “next step” is not quite right… things have been a little tricky to say the least. However, such is life and all these hurdles are stepping stones for growth. Without a little adversity, we don’t grow, right?

With that all said, I owe you an update on my career in terms of where I am going as a Nutritional Therapist, what other qualifications I am going to be studying and what’s going on basically. I will post about that all soon 🙂

In the mean time…. Let’s talk food peace.

There have been two women in my life recently who I am very close with who have shared their eating difficulties. Not quite an eating disorder but very much in the realms of disordered eating. And you know what guys, it really breaks my heart. It breaks my heart to see two strong, bad ass and wonderful women affected so much by their bodies and food. To feel so ashamed around food and of their bodies. But it is not just these two fabulous women who I adore and love, it is SO MANY women in society. Diet culture is raging as ever and so many women (and men!) are consciously or unconsciously affected by this total BS.

So with that all said, I wanted to pull together a few resources that I have found incredibly useful on my journey to having food peace. These resources, in addition to therapy, were wonderful in helping me to really heal my relationship with food. (And always a note that if you have an eating disorder or suspected eating disorder, please see your GP, Doctor or Medical Profession for further treatment).

Intuitive Eating

Food Peace Resources:


Food Psyche by Registered Dietitian Christy Harrison – This podcast was a life saving game changer. So much help, healing and goodness from both Christy and the amazing guests she has on the show who talk all things recovery, health at every size, intuitive eating and food + body peace.

Mind, Body Musings with Coach Maddy Moon – Maddy’s podcast has changed direction lately but her older episodes have wonderful conversations on all things body and food peace. Her later podcasts are also awesome and inspiring but focus less on food and body and more on living a wonderful life.


Intuitive Eating by Registered Dietitian’s Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch – This book is truly wonderful and is a life saver in learning how to be a “normal eater” again. This is what everyone means when they talk about intuitive eating. This book —–> GOLD.

Health At Every Size by Linda Bacon, PHD. Another brilliant book to help you realise we can have health at every size.


Robyn Nohling from The Real Life RD – This Registered Dietitian and Nurse Practitioner was a key helper in my recovery from Orthorexic tendencies and she won’t even know it. After recovering from my earlier weight focused eating disorders, you all know I then fell into an obsession with perfect/healthy eating fearing every “inflammatory” food (sup gluten… we can be friends again now). This woman’s words of grace through her blog helped me really heal my relationship with food. I think around a couple of years ago I read a post that said something like… If you don’t have any hobbies outside of health and wellness – you need to get help kinda thang. It really woke me up and I knew then that things were not healthy. GO TO HER BLOG NOW.

Kylie Mitchell from Yeah Imma Eat That – Similar to Robyn, this wonderful Registered Dietitian helped me be a normal eater again. Having gone through an eating disorder herself and fully recovered, this wonderful woman knows what she is talking about. Again, GO TO HER BLOG NOW.

Isabel Foxen Duke – This wonderful Coach is a thought leader in healing your relationship with food. All her posts are really helpful.

Recovery Warriors – This site is a brilliant collection of people who write about all things recovery.

Summer Innanen – Brilliant body image coach who is super inspiring. Her podcast is great too.

Sarah Vance – Same as Summer – Body image coach who is brilliant!

Rachel W Cole – This ladies work and blog helped me so much. Her posts really do help you realise what it is to live a “well fed life”.

Laura Agar Wilson from Wholeheartedly Healthy – Laura has a no nonsense approach when it comes to food and helps others find their healthy balance with food in her balance club.

The Fuck It Diet – Caroline’s posts really helped me heal my relationship with food – she is brilliant and very funny!

Hummusapien – Alexis is just wonderful. She has always demonstrated a clearly healthy relationship with food and her body and is now rocking what she calls her Unicorn Life and helping others feel free around food and LIVE MORE.

Anastasia Amour – No longer present on social media, but has some incredible articles written on her website.


Body Posi Panda – Body Positive Babe Megan Crabbe is amazing for helping you on your body image journey.

Nourish and Eat – Gina is a lovely soul who will help you with your body image journey.

Sundaes for the Soul – Meghan is amazing – super sweet and friendly but also strong in her beliefs and messages. She talks about all things recovery and is an all round fabulous human.

Kyla Sokoll-Ward – This woman is a really beautiful person and she is going great work in this world to help women be at peace with food. I have spoked to her in person (well… on Skype…) and she really is lovely.

Ok so, I have probably missed some people and their work who helped me on my journey to full recovery, buttttt if I remember I will come and edit the post and add them in.

I really hope that these resources help any of you struggling with your relationship to food or your body. You truly are a magnificent being even if you can’t see it right now. You really are a wonderful and beautiful soul and you will one day be free from food and body troubles. I hope for a world one day that we all know that our worth is not what we look like, our body size or what we eat. It is whoooo we are inside.

Have a fabulous day, and enjoy this sunshine my fellow Brits.

Do you have any food peace or body peace resources you have found helpful on your healing journey?

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