On Being More Present


Something I have been pondering lately is ——> Don’t miss out on what’s in front of you in constant pursuit of the next goal and living in the future.

Let me explain…

There has been a recurrent theme in my life lately and that is guidance to be and live in the present moment. To really honour and be grateful for what is in this moment right now.

You see I’m prone to being an anxious Annie who can live in the future of where I need to be, what goal I need to reach, how I’m going to help people in my career, what do I need to do next week etc. And all of this, not only causes more anxiety, but it makes me miss out on the beauty of the present moment.

This theme has been echoed by my sister who is currently living and working in Zambia. She is looking forward to what she can do in London when she comes back for a month in August. Yet she even said that she needs to stop focusing on that and enjoy all the amazing things Zambia has to offer right now in her present moment.

Me and JL also have had a similar conversation. In fact, we have probably had a hundred conversations on this in our six year relationship with him always telling me to get out the future, stop focusing on what I need to do and get present in my life.

I’ve gotten better over the years, but it hasn’t really sunk in until now that this needs to be a regular practice. In fact, not a practice, but a way of BEING.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten somewhere and not even been present for it. How many times have you done the simple commute home and not been present for any of it?

Let’s stop. Let’s get present. Let’s look the bloody hell around at this beautiful life. Challenge yourself to be in the present moment and soak up all of its glory. Feel the steam of your hot morning coffee on your face. Notice the warm breeze as you walk to the station and let the pretty flowers, offering undeniable beauty, take your attention and notice their incredible symmetry and colours. Really be in the moment when you meet a friend, when you go for a jog or when you freaking mop your kitchen floor. When it’s a chore to go food shopping, be in the moment and take notice of all the amazing produce you can buy, be grateful of the fact you can feed yourself and enjoy the moment.

There is so much freedom living in the present moment. I feel like it gives us so much more space and time.

Now don’t get me wrong. Long term goals and the big picture is great to be thinking about and getting our heads around. It is important to have an idea of where we are going and what we are working towards. It is important to have a wider mission we are focusing on and goals we want to achieve. It is also important to have a schedule when you’re busy as it helps give you a little structure. It is just that I feel sooooo many of us live our lives in the future planning this and that, achieving this or that goal. It goes on and on and we never really stop and smell the roses. We are in such constant pursuit of the next goal or achievement that we are not actually ever present for any of it. We think that when we reach x goal or have y achievement, we will be happy and all will be well. Yet why not be happy right now in the present moment. Why don’t we really beeee in the journey of it all and have happiness right now.

And I know sometimes the present moment can be horrible. Being present in a panic attack is not fun. Hating your job is not fun. Stress over an exam is not fun. I’m sure shopping with a screaming child is not fun. And there are also much, much worse things than these that people go through that they wouldn’t want to be present for.

I guess what I am trying to share is that let’s try and live in the moment of our lives as much as possible. You never know how much beauty you can get out of a simple moment like walking to the train station. Life will be slower, fuller and freer. I feel like everyone says how quick life is flying by. Yet remember when you were a kid and a year felt like a decade?? I’m pretty sure it’s because most kids live in the present moment. Yet as adults we have lost this way of being as we’ve become so caught up in our minds, our egos and our lives.

It’s those moments in between everything we have to “do” that we can stop, take a breathe and just be. And even in the times we have to “do”, let’s try and beeeee in that moment and honour what we are doing right then and there and choose to honour that moment, enjoy it and be happy in it right now.

Let’s just be.


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