Some Delicious Vegan Eats I Have Had Lately + Some Thoughts On Veganism

I am always a bit hesitant to say I resonate with a vegan lifestyle. For me, I just bloody love animals and I do not like them suffering. I am also passionate about helping this planet and a vegan lifestyle can help to cut emissions. The reason I am hesitant is because I write a lot about food peace and body peace. I am very anti diet and I believe there is no right way of eating for everybody. I believe whole heartedly in intuitive eating and eating what is best for your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Some people may want to be vegan but it would not be a good choice for them because they have issues with disordered eating or feel restricted mentally eating a vegan diet. OR (and this is IMPORTANT), they become vegan for the wrong reasons (in my view), for example, to lose weight you do not need to lose, to restrict your diet in a negative way, to manipulate your body size into something it was never meant to be, through fear of eating animal foods because they are “unhealthy”. I think you get my point… I strongly promote doing what is best for YOU and eating intuitively what is right for YOU.

I have also been on an up and down journey with veganism. I went vegetarian early 2014 for ethical reasons. About three months later I turned vegan after watching cowspiracy and after a few of my family members went vegan. At this point in my life though I was struggling with orthorexic behaviour and I actually stopped being vegan after about a year (I can’t remember exactly…) because I convinced myself the only way to heal my health problems was if I ate meat and cut out grains and beans. Da fuuuuck!? I know, I got swept away by the paleo bandwagon… What can I say…

ANYWAY, the funny thing is that since I have healed from orthorexia, I can easily live a vegan lifestyle without fear, restriction or worry because I can eat everything vegan. Before, I would never eat anything with “chemicals”, gluten, sugar, processed vegan meat substitutes, soy, wheat etc. Nowwww, I can eat all those things and more. Intuitively, wholefood plant foods make up a large portion of my diet, but so do nut milks that are fortified (why was I scared of these!? – so weird…), veggie burgers with wheat flour, vegan cheese with what health nuts would call “shit” in it, bread, pasta, amazing vegan junk (hate that word as there are no good and bad foods, but helps here) food etc. Do you see what I mean? Overcoming orthorexia meant that I could actually easily have a vegan lifestyle because I wasn’t scared of the foods that would help me feel nourished mentally, physically and emotionally. So yes I take some careful consideration into what I eat to make sure I get enough iron, calcium etc but I can get this so much easier when I can drink fortified milks, eat fortified bread and not be INSANE with food ingredients. Because true veganism is about ethics. It is NOT A DIET. Therefore you wouldn’t mind eating all types of vegan food. There is room for oreos and vegan burgers just as there is room for kale and chickpeas. You get what I mean? So with that all said, in the last few months I have transitioned back to a vegan lifestyle again…

I don’t really like labels, but when your choices are purely ethical, it is helpful and easy to say at a restaurant or to a family member, I’m vegan etc. But I don’t walk around with a label on my forehead and thinking I am better because I choose not to eat animal foods where possible. And note where I said where possible. Given my history with eating disorders and disordered eating, there may be times where I may eat something that isn’t vegan. For example, I am never going to not eat as part of my self care is to nourish myself when I am hungry. If I am at Johnny’s Grandmas and she has bought me veggie burgers that have cheese in them, I am going to eat them. As much as I hate the thought of the cow’s babies being taken away, it is about doing your besssst. I am never, ever again going to let food be a stress in my life and I don’t care if it makes me a “bad” vegan.

I guess I am saying all of that because I don’t want anyone thinking that I think everyone should be vegan, that you’re evil if you’re not or that I think being vegan is the best way to eat for everyone. I believe we all need to learn to eat intuitively, make peace with food and our bodies, and do what is right for YOU, mentally, emotionally and physically and for your SOULLLL. It is also extremely privileged to be able to eat a vegan diet. Being a vegan is not accessible for everyone at all. And it may not serve everyone. Heck, I don’t know how my body is going to be in 3 months, 6 months or 6 years resonating with being vegan. I am just going to do my very best and stick to ethics that feel right for ME.

With that all said, let’s get onto the good stuff. Some INSANELY DELICIOUS VEGAN EATS I HAVE HAD LATELY:

Pulled Jackfruit sandwich special that was so unbelievably tasty from Broca Cafe in Brockley. It had this creamy, cashew dressing – drool.

Jack Broca

Burger, Cashew cream roasted sweet potatoes, kale chips and sweet potato bread with custard from the Wild Food Cafe in Covent garden. This was SO GOOD.


Jackfruit tikka masala, a sweet potato peanut curry number with rice and delicious dressings from Spice Box at the Southbank Food Market. This was so creamy and dreamy.

Spice Box

This pizza was so, so, so, so, so good and it was from none other than Zizzis. They have a vegan cheese there now and it is lush. This was the primavera rustica pizza with vegan cheese, artichokes, spinach, fire-roasted peppers, olives, balsamic tomatoes, super green pesto. I meannnnnn…


This is the Vurger classic burger and it was INCREDIBLE. I have had their BBQ Nut burger before and that was also incredible. These guys are hopefully opening a restaurant at the end of 2017 or early 2018 so get behind them!

V urger

Delicious vegan burgers from Mooshies. These were legit amazing. JL had a jackfruit number and I had the black bean patty things. AND THOSE CHEEZY FRIES – I wish I could put all the sassy emoticons. Delicious.


And now for a few cheeky home made delicious eats… This was literally just a Sainbury’s Spicy Bean burger in a whole wheat bun, with vegan cheese, lettuce and ketchup. So good.


And then we have the best pulled jackfruit my tastebuds have been lucky enough to be graced with. JL’s step dad made us this BBQ spicy jackfruit on a whole wheat bun, with vegan cheese, pickles, pickled beetroot and salad. IT WAS JUST SO GOOD I CANNOT EXPLAIN IT. I think it is possibly one of the best things I have EVER eaten.


How lucky I am to have access to such delicious vegan foods. Life is good.

(Just a note, there are some recipes on this site that are not vegan from before I committed again to living as vegan as possible. I am going to leave them up though because other people might enjoy them and you can always sub eggs for flax eggs and butter for vegan butter etc). 🙂

What delicious eats have you had lately? What are your thoughts on veganism?

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