Soaking Up Those Magical Moments


This life of ours can present some challenges. Each of us has gone through some kind of struggle or suffering and may be going through struggle right now. And that is not easy at all.

Yet even amongst the times that are not so easy, there is magic in this life. So much magic.

Those moments when you feel truly peaceful, alive and at one with all there is.

It could be…

Sitting in the local park with the warm breeze on your face, soaking up the peace, the calm and the beautiful sky.

Looking up at our beautiful moon and soaking up all it’s glory.

That uncontrollable laughter you have with a friend that makes you fully present in that moment.

That hug from your partner, friend or family member.

That delicious warm bowl of oats that warms your soul.

During that prayer where you feel connected to the divine. You feel hopeful and supported.

The hike through nature where you get to soak up the beauty of this incredible planet.

That beautiful stillness and peace you feel as you go into a lovely meditation.

That feeling you get as you dance around to your favourite song bringing you so much fun and joy.

The stunning pastel pink and blue sky as the sun sets or rises.

That feeling you get as you sit around the table with your loved ones sharing a meal and laughing about silly things.

The joy and fun you feel as you cook an amazing pasta dish that you are lucky enough to cook and eat.

The grounded and peaceful feeling you receive from an ocean swim or grounding your feet on the sand.

The kind gesture, smile and exchange between two strangers.

The incredible beauty of the trees in your local park.

And so, so much more.

Because even with our struggles, there is so much beauty and magic to be soaked up. There is so much beauty and magic in the little things. There is so much beauty and magic when we try to focus on the joy and the love.

Share a magical moment you have had recently below in the comments.

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