5 Reasons Why Food And Body Peace Make Holidays Wonderful

Bali Food

Yesterday I arrived home from a wonderful trip to Bali, Indonesia. We were lucky enough to get to go this beautiful place for a family wedding. And what a magical time we had. Stunning villas we stayed in, super friendly locals and staff, traditional Balinese cooking classes, Balinese healing massages, beautiful temples and nature and obviously THE FOOD.

Traditional Balinese food is delicious. From amazing vegetable and tofu fried rice to tempeh satay and gado gado, the food was glorious. Couple this with the incredible vegan restaurants that they have in Bali, I was in food heaven.

And what made this holiday even better? Food and body peace. I touched on this a little on one of my latest Instagram posts about how grateful I was to have food and body peace for this holiday. Today I want to share five reasons why food and body peace make holidays wonderful:

  1. You can try all the traditional food without worrying about whether it is “toxic”, made with GMOs, is “fattening”, is “unhealthy” and all of the other negative ways we use to fear food, label food and control our food intake. Getting to try traditional dishes from a new country and place is one of the best parts of travelling. Being able to try these foods is so wonderful and such a great experience.
  2. You can get in your swimsuit and not worry what other people think of you. If you are on a holiday that involves wearing a swimsuit, you can pop it on and go and enjoy yourself without worrying about what you look like. You may not totally love how you look in a bikini thanks to diet culture, but you realise that living a full and free life is more important then how you look in your bikini. You value having fun and living a free life, over the size of your thighs or stomach. Missing out on fun beach or pool activities is totally shit and making peace with your body means you can have fun on your holiday!
  3. You can eat wherever without having to see a menu first or be anxious about it. A disordered eating behaviour can involve always wanting to choose the restaurant to eat in or check a menu before you get to a restaurant so you can eat safe foods. Food and body peace mean being able to eat at whatever restaurant you stumble upon or that someone you’re with fancies without worrying about what there is there for you to eat. You can look at a menu without seeing it before and simply choose what you fancy. (Obviously if you have food allergies it is a good idea to check restaurants before hand and tell them about your allergies).
  4. You don’t have to carry a load of food on you for a long-haul flight because you aren’t scared of eating plane food. Unless you’re on a plane every day of your life, eating the fairly salty and processed plane food on a long-haul flight ain’t gonna harm you. Not having to worry about what food you’re going to eat on a long-haul flight takes a big amount of stress out of the travel experience. And a cheeky tip for you, if you go on an airline that serves the Asian vegetarian meal, get that. It is always some sort of delicious curry combination, rice and different Indian breads. Me and Johnny found out about it because we were once on a long haul flight from or to Australia and we saw a couple getting an incredible looking Indian feast. We asked the flight attendant what meal it was and have been getting it every time we can since! I’ll take that over soggy potatoes and roast dinners any day.
  5. You spend your holiday being present and enjoying it and not worrying about food. Worrying about what you are eating is EXHAUSTING and all consuming. It takes up so, so much brain space. Food peace and freedom gives you so much space, freedom, time and energy to enjoy your holiday, try new things and enjoy new experiences. This is so incredibly worth healing your relationship to food and your body.

Do you have any reasons to share why making peace with food and your body has helped make your holidays wonderful? 

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  • Reply Lisa @ NatureImmerse

    Totally agree with you on your last point – You don’t have to carry a load of food on you for a long-haul flight because you aren’t scared of eating plane food. 🙂

    September 3, 2017 at 1:51 am
    • Reply LaurenKate

      It is so freeing just being able to eat the plane food and not have to worry 🙂

      September 6, 2017 at 9:00 am

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