Ways You Can Help The Environment Without Having To Dramatically Change What You Eat

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It is not cool how our planet has been treated and is being treated. Although some are more to blame than others, we all play a part in the health of our planet, climate change and the environment. Call me a hippy, but I am passionate about helping to spread awareness on how changes we make can help our environment.

This passion for helping our environment has lead me to eating as plant based as possible. I say plant based as possible because of my history with eating disorders. When you have recovered from an eating disorder, it is extremely important that food is never a stress again. Therefore, as mentioned in this blogpost, if the only thing available to eat somewhere was vegetarian, then I would eat it. I do my very best to be as plant based as possible from a truly ethical standpoint (animals and the planet), but in order to be strong in my eating disorder recovery, there has to be a relaxed approach.

This leads me onto writing a post about ways in which we can help the environment without having to change what we eat too dramatically. We all know that eating less meat and as plant based as possible is best for our environment and it is great to make steps towards that. There are many articles, much research and figures out there to show this. However, for someone in eating disorder recovery or someone who has recovered from an eating disorder, cutting out animal foods can be detrimental to recovery and even harmful. It could serve as a way to disguise further restriction and it could trigger someone who has recovered from an eating disorder, to fall back into it. Therefore, sharing ways in which to help our environment without changing what we eat is very important…

BTW, I am no environment expert but here are some ideas I think could help 🙂

Let’s hop to it…

  1. Reduce your plastic use – Examples could include…opting for glass food containers or biodegradable where you can. Try to take your own reusable coffee cup when you get a takeaway coffee. Store your food and snacks in glass tupperware instead of plastic ziplock bags. Take reusable bags to do your food shopping. Try and get the loose fruits and veggies where you can and don’t use a plastic bag to put them in. Buy a stainless steel or glass water bottle and take this around with you to reduce your plastic water bottle consumption.
  2. Recycle where possible – this is simple and yet effective in helping to reduce waste.
  3. Be conscious of your water use – try and have short showers instead of long ones or a bath. Turn off the tap as you brush your teeth.
  4. Turn off the lights in rooms you are not in – All the lights do not need to be on if you are just in the lounge!
  5. Take public transport, get a bike or walk where you can – For those of us living in cities like London, it is easy to not have a car and get around by public transport, walking or by bike. For those in places where you need a car, try car sharing with others e.g. sharing a lift with your colleague to work, or have one car for your family instead of 2/3.
  6. Reduce consumption – we don’t need to have so many things. From fast fashion, to constantly needing the new this and that. Try to buy long lasting items only that you really need. Do you really need that new pen with unicorn on it!?
  7. Use all the bits of food you can – If you do choose to eat meat, then try boiling the bones for a broth base/stock for a soup or curry. Maybe try food composting your scraps. If you make your own nut milk, make something with the pulp like muffins or cakes. Buy local where your budget allows and when you can.
  8. Green Cleaning Products – Lots of reasonably priced green cleaning products are popping up in our local supermarkets and you can google home made cleaning products too.
  9. Green Beauty Products – If you can afford it, it is great to have green beauty products not only for your health and skin, but for the environment too. I do the best I can with this as I don’t have a money tree…
  10. Sign petitions that help to stop things that will further detriment the environment e.g. fracking, pipelines that will leak oil into fresh water sources.
  11. Work on your compassion and love – As out there as it might sound to you, the more compassion and love you have for yourself, the more you have for others and the more you have for the planet. As within, so without.

And just to say, I am no where near perfect with any of this but I am trying to make steps everyday to be much better at helping our environment and planet. We all need to step up and take responsibility where we can with the time and resources we have.

Do you have any ideas that will help the environment without having to change what you eat?

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