A Little Life Update – Getting Real With You + Live A Full Life Despite Your Imperfections


Hello and Happy Thursday to you. Pretty long title I’ve got going for this blog post haven’t I…

I have been meaning to write a cheeky life update for a while now. This could get long, so grab a cup of tea, just in case…

Since I moved back from Australia in March, life has been one big rollercoaster. There has been some amazing times, oh hey Bali, awesome new flat and seeing all my friends and family. But there has also been some shit times. Our world seems to have seen some crazy things that leave us all speechless and heartbroken. These same events also lead us to feel driven to step up and make a positive difference in this world and be strong advocates for love leading the way. I hope to God we can make this planet a place that lives from a place of love…

Personally, I have faced some tricky times since I have been back. Anxiety popped its ugly head into my life the last 6 months and I would be lying if I said it has been easy to deal with. It has been a bit crap to be honest, and it made me question my worth and ability to do the work I want to do in this world. Anxiety aside though, I am actually in a place where I love myself more than I ever have and I truly am being kind and compassionate with myself. It is a nice place to be, a reallllly nice place.

Professionally, since I graduated from my Nutrition course back in December 2016, I am yet to begin a private practice. The first reason is that I was due to begin an MSc in Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition in September and I wanted to fully focus on that. I chose to do this course so I could develop my evidence based nutrition knowledge and be really educated with eating disorders and disordered eating. However, due to some personal circumstances, I deferred this wonderful course until September 2018. The second, is the roller coaster anxiety train that has been showing up this year. And thirdly it is that P word that is driven by perfectionism and anxiety —-> procrastination. 

You see, there has been plenty of occasions where I could have drawn up a plan that would use my awesome nutrition education, combined with my personal experiences and passions to create a service that would help people out there make peace with food, themselves and their bodies. Yet because I was experiencing some anxiety, I felt like I could not offer nutrition services yet. Yet when I dived deeper into this, I was kind of using it as an excuse. Because I was not “perfect”, I could not start to offer helping others. But that is rubbish really.

I remember in therapy once my therapist telling me that one of the top doctors in the country suffered with strong anxiety. Many incredibly successful people I know in my life suffer with anxiety. Many nutrition professionals who are in the top of the game of their nutrition fields and the intuitive eating fields suffer with anxiety. Some of the brilliant body positive babes suffer with anxiety. But guess what, they don’t let it stop them or hold them back. They are killing it out there and making a positive difference in the world DESPITE the anxiety.

Moral of the story, just because you get anxious sometimes doesn’t mean you can’t make a wonderful difference in this world. Live a full life DESPITE anxiety. Just because you are not “perfect”, doesn’t mean you can’t make a wonderful difference in this world. Live a full life DESPITE your imperfections.

SO I guess this post is a kind of declaration to get out and make a difference despite the fact I am not perfect (shock horror). I refuuuuuuse to let my imperfections dominate and lead my life anymore. I have too much work to do in this world to let it stop me.

With alllll that to say. If you are out there and you are suffering from something that makes you feel imperfect then I urge you to step up and love the whole you. To be real and authentic and get out there, DESPITE what is going on, to live your dreams, make a positive difference in this world and do what lights you UP. Start before you are ready. Start before you are “perfect”. This world needs a lot of love and light and if we all waited until we were “perfectly ready” then we would never start on making a difference or living our dreams.

You see, by learning to love and accept alllll of ourselves, we realise it is ok to show up as our whole selves. Totes emosh, highly sensitive soul and all. We are enough as we already are, mooooore than enough.

I am in such a genuinely wonderful place with food and my body and it would be a shame to not use my experience and knowledge to help others out there suffering with food and body image issues and help them find peace with this. I am living a life where food is literally just an after thought and something I focus on when I am hungry and need to eat. I enjoy my food still of course, food is a pleasure to be enjoyed, but it is not something that takes up much space in my brain. And that is seriously, suchhhh a wonderful place to be. I believe that I could really help some people heal their food and body image issues and get them out there living a full life where food does not dominate.

I am going to spend the time before Christmas working out the best way I can offer services with my current qualifications and I will keep you updated of course.

Work wise at the moment, I am working for a wonderful company who are working to create sustainable ways that help this wonderful planet, which really fulfils another one of my passions, which is helping the environment. I really love this job and it is kind of two roles in one which keeps me nice and busy.

I am also going to try and get back to a regular blogging schedule. Send me an email at with things you would like to see on the blog and I will make sure I explore those ideas 🙂

Let’s do this! 🙂

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