Amsterdam Trip + Some Delicious Eats

Hello and Happy Wednesday.


Last night Jl and I flew back from a short break in Amsterdam. My sister and JL signed up for a half marathon but unfortunately JL became injured so could not run it. We had our flights and accommodation paid for so we thought we may as well still go and support my sister and also explore Amsterdam.


I’ve never been to Amsterdam and I wasn’t expecting it to be so nice. Apart from the Red light district which I found a bit ewwww, the rest of what I saw of Amsterdam was so beautiful. The gorgeous old canal houses, pretty canals and beautiful weather made for a lovely trip. Highlights were a boat tour around some of the canals where we learned a tonne about the history of the Netherlands and an exhibition of Banksy and Dali’s work which was brilliant.


I actually loved what I learned about the Netherlands and the Dutch people. They are a nation where the people really do rule. If they are not happy with a decision made by the government, they protest hard and usually get their own way. They seemed very liberal and foreword thinking which I loved, although I was informed they do have some political issues which I’m not cool with but I’m not here to start ranting about politics…


We also stayed in this really nice Air Bnb, near a big park, that was in such a nice area and also so well designed. When we walked in we were both like ummmm apartment goals. I could not capture in a photo how nice the owners had decorated their apartment so if you want to have a look here is the air bnb link.

Food wise, there were so many amazing restaurants and the food we ate was all delicious. We had a couple easy granola breakfasts at home to save our budget for lunch and dinner out… But here are some of the awesome eats we had… (this is not everything I ate bttttttw, just some highlights!)

Pizza from Mastino was the best pizza I’ve eaten. Like legit. They use Italian ingredients and traditional methods, including a wood fire oven. We had the full moon and the Brie pizza. Both were insanely good. One was tomato based, cheese, pesto cheese, rocket, tomatoes and olive oil and the other one was cheese, Brie, onions and rocket. If you are ever in Amsterdam you havvvve to try this pizza.

Mastino Pizza

This Japanese plate of food from this little vegan cafe Deshima was really yum. I didn’t like some of the information in this place of promoting a macrobiotic diet as best over all other diets as I believe in Intuitive Eating and no one size fits all. However, the food was good. The meal plate included a seitan stew, brown rice, pumpkin tempura and some other bits. It was filling and tasty.


Vegabond was so good that we went here twice… had this spelt bread with fig jam and almond Brie both times and it blew my mind. Almond Brie??? I mean…. Also the chocolate chip banana bread was superb.



For a cheeky burger craving, vegan junk food was super good. I had the plant based beef burger and it was so tasty. It did make me feel a bit bleurgh after but that’s where curiosity comes in and not judgement. I probably wouldn’t want to eat that sort of thing on the regs because it left me feeling really sluggish and not feeling great and that’s ok. Intuitive eating is about honouring how food makes you feel but without judgement. And that’s a good note for our relationship with food. On the IE journey, you get to know what helps you feel well and energised and you can roll with that. But there will also be times you choose to eat something you know won’t make you feel 100% fabulous in energy or well, but you choose to enjoy the food without judgement. Your body is resilient and it doesn’t need a 100% “perfect healthy diet”. It’s what you eat most of the time that matters…

Vegan junk food

And last but not least, Hearth vegetarian restaurant had home made Italian pasta with creamy pesto sauce that was phenomenal. JL had a Japanese inspired wasabi ravioli number and we both had a soup to start; one spicy coconut thai and one tomato. This place was really, really good and I would highly recommend it.



I would highly recommend a trip to Amsterdam for a fun city break with lots of history to learn, pretty surroundings and delicious food!

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? 

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