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If you have been in the healthy living blog world for some time you will have heard of “what I ate wednesday“. I never took part in these posts but they have given me an idea for starting something else… Intuitive Eating Wednesday. You are all more than welcome to join in if you fancy it.

I wanted to start showing how it can look like to be an intuitive eater for a day. I was going back and forth of whether it was a good idea as I strongly believe there is no one right way to eat and that when we eat intuitively, it looks different for everyone. I don’t want anyone to look at the eats and be like omg this is what I should eat. It is just an idea of what a day of intuitive eating can look like. Some people need to eat meat every day to feel well, others don’t. Some people might eat 3 meals a day whilst others might eat 3 meals + snacks. Everyone is different. I am definitely a three meals a day + 2-4 snacks kinda gal. That is what works for me. Keeping myself satiated and eating every 2-4 hours is what makes me feel my best and show up feeling good for a full life. Also I am a vegetarian for ethical reasons. But like I said, this is not for everyone and some people feel best eating all the foods including seafood and meat and that is ok. I am not here to preach about being a veggie as this can be too restrictive for people and that is more than ok. You do you.

My aim with this post is to show that it is OK to eat intuitively and listen to what your body needs. During my disordered days, I would ignore my hunger, I would only eat what was “healthy” and a multitude of other disordered habits. Therefore, this is showing how I can eat as an Intuitive eater listening to my hunger cues, nourishing my body and honouring my health – which includes my mental health too!

A few things before we start. Every day of eating can look different for me. My work schedule can be a bit all over the place so I will eat at all different times. I also may eat out more on weekends, not because that is the only time I am allowed to eat out, but because that is usually when more socialising happens for me. This post of intuitive eating may show a week day or a weekend day and I will change it up week to week.

Ultimately, I want to inspire you to nourish your body in an intuitive eating way that feels good for you. I want you to honour your hunger without shame, and know it is ok to have days sometimes where you barely get in a vegetable and rely on more convenient foods. Perfect eating does not exist. Listen to your body and nourish yourself in a way that is best for you and your life.

So… this is what I ate on Monday this week. It was a day of work for me. The pictures are a bit crappy, but I quite like that. Food photos these days are art and I love that you can make food look so beautiful. However, it is not real life to firstly be taking photos of our food and secondly, have perfect looking food or food photos. Some of these photos are super dark as the co-working space I was in was really dimly lit… I also kept forgetting in the beginning to take the bloody photos so the apple is already eaten and the baked oatmeal partly eaten – oops…

Onto the food…

7am – ate apple and half of a baked oatmeal breakfast on train to work that had in it oats, oat milk, flaxseed, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cinnamon and coconut sugar (normal sugar is fine, this was just what was in the cupboard). Threw together the baked oatmeal in about 5 minutes as I made dinner on Sunday evening so I did not have to think about breakfasts for the next few mornings.

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating

9.30am ish – hungry for second half of baked oatmeal as I am settling into some projects for the day so eat that. Also have a green juice. Still hungry after both of these so eat a trek energy bar that I grabbed from Holland and Barratt on the way to work with a money off voucher I had.

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating

Starving by around 12pm so had leftover tofu veggie sausages in a sandwich with avocado, vegan smoked cheese and ketchup. This was so, so good and sourdough bread makes for the BEST sandwiches. I actually love sandwiches and they are literally one of my favourite foods. And something I honour now I am not scared of gluten filled bread (I can’t believe I used to be this person…). Also I got a little curious about why I was so hungry, not judgemental and realised that a little more fat in my breakfasts and snacks that morning would have helped hold me over better. Key to this – curiosity, NOT judgement. 

Intuitive Eating

Sandwich kept me full for so long and I didn’t get hungry until around 4.30-5 which is actually unusual for me… but this is a perfect example of intuitive eating! I had pulsin protein bar. I usually don’t like relying on bars for snacks as they are expensive and I think it is better to just eat proper food instead of protein infused everything… But I had a voucher for Holland and Barratt to use up and I have been busy lately and travelling the last three weekends in a row… so that means that I have not had the time to prepare snacks. Normally I would bring with me some sort of home made thing or some nuts/seeds/fruit or whatever.

Intuitive Eating

JL brought home some kettle chips so I snacked on a few of those whilst making dinner.

Intuitive Eating

Dinner around 7.30pm (I can’t remember exactly)– BBQ veggie bean chilli made with veggies, served up with bulgur wheat, cucumber, avocado, tahini and kettle chips. Top tip – add BBQ sauce to a chilli, it makes it taste SO GOOD. The kettle chips made this meal SO satisfying with some extra crunch. Satisfaction is key in intuitive eating.

Intuitive Eating

Dessert – couple squares of this organic dark chocolate I got from a local supermarket chain in Amsterdam and half a naked bar as I still wasn’t satisfied after the dark chocolate.

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating

One day of intuitive eats right there. Like I said, this changes day to day, depends on my schedule, what my body is craving, what time of the month it is (oh hey PMS), what I feel like I need and what food we have in or if I am out and about etc. This is normal eating and living and practising the 10 intuitive eating principles as a guide and NOT rules.

I hope this has given you inspiration to listen to YOUR body, honour your hunger cues and live a full life that is not centred around food but supported by its wonderful function.

(P.S. I will see how popular this post is and see whether or not to continue it. Let me know if you find it helpful and interesting!)

Would you consider yourself an intuitive eater?

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  • Reply Tammy

    I loved this!!! I try to eat intuitively also, so this was so interesting to read :)I would love for you to do this more!

    October 26, 2017 at 2:10 am
    • Reply LaurenKate

      Thank you for the feedback Tammy! Glad you liked it and it was interesting to read 🙂

      October 26, 2017 at 1:03 pm

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