Intuitive Eating Wednesday 2

Hello and Happy Wednesday to you. I hope your week is going well and you are living a full life and nourishing yourself in a way that is good for YOU. Remember you are worthy, you are loved and you are wonderful just as you are.

If you missed last week’s new post of showing what a day of Intuitive Eats can look like, you can catchup here. 

As mentioned in the first post, this is not about comparing eats or saying you should “eat this or that”. It is about showing you that it is OK to eat intuitively and listen to what your body needs. This kind of post is showing how I can eat as an Intuitive eater listening to my hunger cues, nourishing my body and honouring my health – which includes my mental health too!

Ultimately, I want to inspire you to nourish your body in an intuitive eating way that feels good for you. I want you to honour your hunger without shame, and know it is ok to have days sometimes where you barely get in a vegetable and rely on more convenient foods. Perfect eating does not exist. Listen to your body and nourish yourself in a way that is best for you and your life – mentally, emotionally and physically and in a way that is best for your budget.

This day was on Monday just gone where I was working remotely from home. Such a nice thing sometimes to be able to work from home. I love a balance of getting out and being amongst the hustle and bustle of London and around inspiring people and also being at home, all cosy in the cold weather and just getting my head down and ploughing through work with multiple cups of tea 🙂

Onto the Eats!

8am – post yoga smoooothay. I have been craving a smoothie for ages… but the cold weather lately has meant I am getting too cold after I have drunk one, so I am going with a hot breakfast instead. Now we have figured out how to put our central heating on for when we wake up in the morning, smoothie craving was satisfied. (Central heating stories – THRILLING…). Btw, I drank a bit of this smoothie before I snapped a photo as I keep forgetting to take the photos of the food (I will get the hang of it 😉 )… In this was frozen blueberries, a banana, some vanilla protein, spinach, big scoop of peanut butter (hello all the fats for a satisfying breakfast), flaxseeds and oat milk. Creamy, dreamy, satisfying and delicious.

Intuitive Eating

11ish – Chocolate orange nakd bar.

Intuitive Eating

12.45ish – Lunch of vegetable bean and potato chilli, bulgur wheat (I have been loving this lately as a different grain to switch things up), bbq sauce (obsessed with this stuff), pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and a hunk of wholewheat seeded bread with tahini for some extra fats to keep me nice and satisfied. Satisfaction can come in textures too and sometimes adding crunchy seeds to a meal gives it that satisfying crunch factor. Just me? Maybeeee…. ha.

Intuitive Eating

4ish – Mint chocolate naked bar… We were awaiting a food shop so my snack options were a bit slim… But still an awesome snack. Normally one of these bars doesn’t hold me over very long and I will usually pair it with something else for more satisfaction and staying power… but this time, it was enough to satisfy my hunger. Our hunger levels can change day to day and that is ok, don’t be scared of your hunger. It is your body’s way of asking for fuel so it can help you live this awesome life and it can ebb and flow due to a variety of factors and that is ok. Always honour your hunger, YOU ARE WORTHY OF HONOURING YOUR HUNGER with NO SHAME.

Intuitive Eating

6ish – Glass of Tropicana and an iron sachet. Girlfrannnnd over here can get low iron (Oh hey heavy periods + being vegetarian) and I get my iron levels tested regularly because of that. (ALWAYS see a Doctor and get your iron levels checked before you start taking an iron supplement as too much iron can be harmful). Also had a cheeky banana to tide me over until dinner.

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating

Can’t remember time of dinner but think it was around 7.30pm – Veggie burger from the freezer with vegan cheese, gherkins and BBQ sauce (seriously can’t get enough lately…), sweet potato chips and a little salad we could make from what we had left in the fridge + avocado + olive oil for some fats. Do not be scared of fat, you need fat for your body to function 🙂

Intuitive Eating

Dessert around 20 minutes later – Some vegan carrot cake (OH MY GOODNESS SO GOOD) and a chocolate brownie (ALSO SO GOOD) shared with JL. I had been craving cake for like 2 days but didn’t manage to get any so JL brought home a brownie and I went out and got my hands on a vegan carrot cake. Was so good. And I ate it until my tastebuds were bored and I felt satisfied. This is where it is so important not to restrict any foods. When your body and mind know they can have them whenever they want, they don’t go crazy when you do “cave” and eat them. If you can have alllll foods whenever you want, you truly just eat until you’re satisfied and then move on because you know you can have them whenever you want! Trust me, this is the TRUTH. I am living proof.

Intuitive Eating

So there we have it. Another day of intuitive eats. What is something yummy you ate today?

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