Be Patient With Your Self And Flow With The Seasons Of Life


Hello and Happy Wednesday to you. We are taking a break from Intuitive Eating Wednesday today to chat about being patient with yourself and flowing with the seasons of life… Let’s hop to it…

Is anybody else feeling the need to hibernate now that the weather is colder and it is dark really early!? I feel like I almost need to double hibernate as with moving back from Australia in March, we had back to back Spring/Summers. Autumn and Winter are about slowing down and resting and that is OK.

I sometimes feel like my mind wants to go, go, go but my body is like hold up girlllfrrraaand, we need some rest. It can be really frustrating as I feel like I have one million and one things to do, social engagements to be at, blogging and business work to get onto and not to mention trying to keep my house clean (does anyone have a clean house these days!?). I want to push forward and smash up my to do list, see all the people and do all the things. But sometimes that is just not possible and a good awareness of your body and your seasons can help guide you when to push forward and when to step back and rest. This modern day life can be really demanding and a lot is expected of us (not to mention those self expectations…). Learning to flow with your life seasons and your body can help you actually be more productive in the long run…

With Winter coming and the Christmas season ahead, it is ok that we might want to rest up a bit more. We can use this season to slow down a bit, really ask ourselves what we need to live a full and nourished life and simply just rest more.

For a woman this can be likened to be our menstrual cycle. Our menstrual cycle is like the four seasons. Spring is the time after the period when we feel like we are getting that wonderful spring like energy back after our period. Then Summer comes and we feel on top of the world. We love to socialise and go out, we are able to push hard at work and get shit done. Then Autumn starts blowing its leaves and PMS Polly comes to the surface and our emotions can be a little bit all over the place. Winter settles in swiftly with our period and all we want to do is sleep, be cosy and eat good food… Hands up if you feel me!?

Learning to be aware of these rhythms can seem a pain to some who want to be productive Pippa’s all month long and I do really get it. It can be so annoying sometimes when you’re on your period and you have shit to do but your body is shouting for rest. But when you fully sync in with the rhythms of your body, you can make the most of the different energy of each cycle. In that Spring and Summer time, you can plan most of your social engagements, get out there and network for your job and let the energy inspire new projects and work hard at work. Then in Autumn and Winter, really nurture yourself and look after yourself in ways that help you feel better. Obviously, there are times where you have busy work weeks on your period or you have a social engagement and that is all good. This is where being patient with yourself comes in. You don’t have to fully block out your calendar every time you bleed… That just is not practical (although how amazing would that be!?). You can just make sure you get some early nights, some nourishing food and be gentle with yourself. Know that you might not be 100% and that is OK. You are enough as you are whatever season you are in.

And this doesn’t just equate to women being on their period and the seasons of the menstrual cycle. Sometimes you will just feel funky and not feel as productive and need some more rest – this ok – be patient with yourself. You do not have to be super woman/man all of the time. This life is amazing but it can be rough and emotionally taxing at times and we can’t all be expected to be super humans running out 100% capacity, 100% of the time. Maybe taking up the offers of more rest, cosy and relaxing evenings and more down time this coming Winter is exactly what is needed.

And sometimes no matter the season, life throws you a curveball and the best thing you can do is give yourself the utmost self care and permission to rest. Self compassion, kindness and love is key. The seasons of life will always be changing.

Being patient with ourselves, having awareness of how we are feeling and taking care of ourselves is so important no matter what season we are in. It helps us to live a full life and our best life. It helps to prevent burnout and actually helps you be more productive in life in the long run.

Learn when to push yourself and learn when to take a step back and REST all whilst giving yourself adequate nourishment in self-care ways that are best for you. Sometimes that is getting out and moving your body, sometimes it is sleeping in and missing the gym, sometimes it is simply making sure you are eating enough and sometimes that is letting yourself chill out in front of the TV or reading a good book with ZERO guilt.

Give yourself a break and learn to flow with your seasons and the seasons of life. Give yourself grace, kindness and compassion. You are an awesome human being and you are doing a great job. You do not have to be perfect and go, go, go all of the time. Flow with the seasons of your life 🙂

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