5 Ways That May Help You Feel More At Peace With Food And Your Body This Holiday Season


It’s December 11th (which is actually my birthday…) and it’s that time of year. It’s actually really exciting and lovely for me this year. The last three Christmases were spent in beautiful Sydney and whilst it is incredibly beautiful, it totally sucks for Christmas. Boiling hot and a BBQ on Christmas? IT IS WEIRD. With all this chilly weather, I feel more Christmassy than I’ve felt in years. There is Christmas cheer in the air, there are decorations everywhere and it even bloody snowed recently. I am LOVING it!

So anyway… this time of year can be a hard time for a lot of people for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons being when it comes to food and bodies. If you’re a chronic dieter or someone with disordered eating the pain of it can go a step further than your average joe who eats a few too many Mince pies from the buffet table…

Last year for Christmas time, I wrote this post explains 6 ways to help bring you some food peace at Christmas time.

This year I am writing a similar post, with many similar points that I feel need to be said over and over to help people make peace with food and their bodies. I hope that if you are struggling with food and your body, these points plant a seed in you to work towards food and body peace. Like I said in my Instagram post on Saturday, if you give yourself any present this Christmas, consider giving yourself permission to make peace with food and you body. You were created for so much more then obsessing over food and your body. You are an incredible, loved and worthy human being who is deserving of a full and nourishing life.

So let’s hop to it…

Here are 5 ways that may help you have some more peace around food this holiday season…

1) Honour your hunger and fullness – just because you have a Christmas dinner to eat does not mean you need to skip meals leading up to that. You don’t have to earrrrn your Christmas food by restricting other meals. Your body needs nourishing when it’s hungry, so listen to it even if you have a big Christmas meal coming up. And respect your fullness. The food is going to be there later on for when you are hungry again so you don’t need to get it all in, in one sitting. And this leads me on to say….

2) Give yourself permission to enjoy the foods you love and all foods for that matter – the reason we can often eat until past comfortable in an uncontrolled frenzy around Christmas time is because we believe this is the only time of year we have permission to eat these kinds of foods. The truth is that you can eat them at any time of year. When you give yourself full permission to eat anything whenever you want, the novelty honestly where’s off and your body and mind begin to trust you and you don’t go cray cray on the Christmas offerings. Also, eat the foods you enjoy. Restriction of foods can sometimes mean you get knee deep binging on a food you don’t even like!! Give yourself full permission to enjoy the foods you love and your body and mind will trust you.

3) Drop any guilt – sooooo much Christmas eating starts with “I shouldn’t eat this”, “ugh I’m so full”, “I’m so bad for eating this”. NO YOU ARE NOT. You are human and enjoying the beautiful pleasure of eating some yummy food! That’s it. No guilt required, thank you, good bye.

4) Be present with the lovely people around you – The holiday food is a fabulous part of the festive season but it’s not the full focus. Being in relationship with the great people around us, whether that’s in our families or communities is what is important. Stop focusing on your body and the food you are eating and focus on how you can serve and bless others this season and enjoy laughing and having fun!!

5) Remember your worth as a person is no way attached to what you eat or the size of your body – with bullshit January cleanses and diets just around the corner and our sick society’s obsession with our bodies, it can be hellllla hard not to engage in disordered behaviours when it comes to food and body. Let me tell you this. Your worth as a person is NO WAY attached to what you eat or the size of your body!! It just isn’t. And if anyone tells you otherwise throw a Yorkshire pudding at them. Got it? Good. 🙂

You are here for a life that is so much more than what you eat and the size of your body. Get out there, live your life and eat a cheeky mince pie whilst you’re at it.


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