5 Ways That May Add Positive Nourishment To Your Life In 2018

How is it the end of 2017? I feel like this year has flown by. It feels just like I moved back from Australia, and here we are about to enter a new year…
The pressure is on at this time of year to be a “new you”. And whilst there is nothing wrong with wanting to mindfully grow as a person or being, a lot of the “new you” stuff that flies around is highly unhelpful and toxic for us and not helpful for positive and life giving growth at all. Cue Diet culture…
Diet culture is fully raging during the time between Christmas and New Year and January detoxes and wellness programmes are ready and waiting for vulnerable people who are told their worth is in their body size. This culture entices people in who do not feel good enough as they are or who are looking for a way to control our sometimes chaotic and messy lives. Side note – your worth is absolutely NOT tied to your size, and any control gained from controlling food and body is false, not long lasting, is damaging for our mental, emotional and physical health and is toxic for us.
So to counteract the diet culture machine, here are “5 Ways That May Add Positive Nourishment To Your Life In 2018” that do not involve manipulating your food and your body.
  1. Unfollow anyone who makes you feel like crap on social media – if someone’s messages are making you feel inadequate, bad about yourself or like you need to change your body to be worthy, then unfollow that shit. And instead follow life giving accounts such as Robyn NohlingChristy Harrison, Caroline Dooner, Alexis Joseph, Kylie Mitchell, Isabel Foxen Duke and Laura Thomas (there are so many more life giving accounts out there but these are some of my favourite food and body peace ones).
  2. Start your journey to Food peace by reading Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse ReschThis book is a God given resource to help you make peace with food. There will be many other “intuitive eating” things popping up as diet culture trying to do intuitive eating. Make sure you know the real intuitive eating by reading this book 🙂
  3. Be kind and compassionate with yourself – break your relationship with perfectionism and give yourself a break. Talk to yourself like you would to your best friend and take steps to love yourself unconditionally. Your are so worthy of your own love, kindness and care. You were born to be real and fully you and not perfect.
  4. Give yourself time to rest – it is so important to let ourselves have adequate rest. We are not designed to be go, go, go all of the time. Rest may look different on everyone but a good start is getting adequate sleep (7-9 hours per night), taking quiet time to be still, meditation + being in nature and the fresh air.
  5. Intuitive movement – as the new year comes, so do the fitness plans that can be far from life giving. Sometimes the best thing for your body might be a walk in nature or some yoga to make sure more stress is not added on to you and your body in these busy lives we lead. Sometimes the last thing you body needs is a long run or a HIIT class because you think you “should”. For some, strenuous exercise can be life giving and to others it piles on more stress and is not the best thing for mental, physical and emotional health. Listen to your body and honour what it needs, even if that means lots and lots of rest days.
If I could have one wish this year (apart from praying for peace on our earth…) it would be for you to know you are worthy, you are loved and are worthy of love (especially your own) and for you to make peace with food, your body and yourself and get out there and live the full life you are meant to live. Because you are here for so much more than dieting, manipulating your body size and controlling the food on your plate.
Wishing you the Happiest of New Years and a wonderful and fruitful 2018 💕
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