Being So Happy That A Pie Is Just A Pie 


Last weekend, I made JL and I pie and mash. It was chilly outside and a night in eating some good old British Winter food was what we really fancied. Cosy Winter bliss.

Sounds like a very normal evening, that a very normal couple would do right? Yet I could almost cry with happiness that we had that cosy evening eating pie and mash? And why is that?

Well for this gal who has recovered not only from a restrictive weight centred eating disorder but also orthorexic behaviour years after my first eating disorder, being able to do this is so wonderful. It makes me so happy, I could literally just cry. Being able to JUST LIVE LIFE is just so, so, so, so (shall I say so again?) freeing.

And what makes me write about this today is that we started talking on Sunday about how amazing it is that I am where I am. JL was like, you would never have eaten that a couple of years ago. And no I truly wouldn’t have. All that pastry? Not. a. chance.

But guess what. A pie is just a pie! It has no moral weighting, nor does it show how worthy I am. Pastry is an awesome source of carbs and fat and it nourished me and it satisfied me with zero bloat, pain or discomfort. Eating it two years ago with food fear and anxiety would have almost certainly lead to all of the above, and that is if I would have allowed myself to eat it in the first place…


Our bodies are so smart when we let go of all food rules and fear and just let them take control. Does my body want to eat a pie every night? Probably not… (although there would be no guilt attached at all if it did). It craves a variety of foods (oh hey gentle nutrition). It is smart and I can trust her.

Gentle nutrition is important, but food is not the be and end all of our health. A healthy relationship with food is just as important (if not more important) then what we eat.

And the reason I keep writing these sorts of posts is to share how amazing having food freedom is. It is not to boast, but it is to inspire you to know that there is another way then to obsess over every morsel of food we eat and to be miserable in living a life of restriction and food worry.

Living a fulfilling and meaningful life aligned to your true values is so much more freeing and life giving then any diet, health food or green smoothie could ever allow.

LK nature

Because food is just food and a pie is just a pie.

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  • Reply Kori

    I LOVE these posts!! I seriously keep having these experiences too. I sot back & think, “wow, no way could I have enjoyed this meal, this moment, gained these memories if I was still stuck in orthorexia behavior.” Awesome meal!

    February 2, 2018 at 12:01 pm
    • Reply LaurenKate

      Ah thank you so much!!
      Yes! That is exactly it! It is so wonderful to be able to LIVE LIFE and enjoy the little moments and gain lovely memories isn’t it?

      February 6, 2018 at 5:07 pm

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