Sunday Self Care

Sunday self care

On my journey in healing from various manifestations of disordered eating and learning to heal and manage various manifestations of anxiety, I have truly learned the incredible importance of taking care of ourselves.

When I was growing up, I had little clue how to take care of myself and this was exacerbated by a low self worth and a lack of self respect. I put myself in situations that were far from self care and I took part in behaviours that were self destructive and from a lack of self love and care.

My twenties have been a year of healing and growing, and whilst they have been tough in many parts, they have also blessed me with learning how to take care of myself. I am always learning and growing, but I am now in a place where I consciously work to take care of myself in mind, body and soul. I fully know that I am worthy of taking care of.

With that all said, I am going to start blogging each Sunday (posting in the evening) to show how I may implement some self care practices in my life. My hope with this post is to inspire you to know that a) you are worthy of taking care of and b) ways in which you can take care of yourself. Self care practices do not have to involve spending lots of money, or involve always taking a bubble bath (although if you enjoy that then that’s awesome). It can be as simple as getting some fresh air, or letting yourself cry and feel your true emotions (ugly crying absolutely involved). Both of which are free, yet incredibly healing.

Self care is not just for Sundays, but Sunday can often be a day that we all have a bit more time and space to rest and therefore we can be more conscious and present of ways we can take care of ourselves. This can then trickle out into the entire week… creating a self care ripple effect where you take time to take care of yourself every day of the week. Because when you take care of yourself, you can show up better to serve others.

That all said, I recognise my privilege in being able to focus on self care on a Sunday. I used to have to work on Sundays, so I know how crap it can be to have to work on a day that is meant to be one of rest. I also know, that many of you will have incredibly full lives, with children, commitments, multiple jobs, parents to look after, life issues you are dealing with and more, and sometimes there is little time leftover for yourself. I also know that my privileges allow me to do some self care things that other people may not be able to, e.g. making myself a nice smoothie, or taking the train to go for a walk in nature. My hope is to show everyone, no matter their circumstances, that there may always be at least 1-5 minutes in your day to take care of yourself with something that is free/low in cost, nourishing and helpful in taking care of yourself. For example, taking some deep breathes and being present with what is.

Every Sunday may be different for me if I am away, got a shit tonne of work on or whatever… so each Sunday will show different ways I am taking care of myself.

So let’s hop to it…

Sunday Self Care 11/02/2018 (chose to spend the day at home to just chill…) :

  1. Had a lie in until 9am. It is that time of the month, work has been hella busy and this gal needed ALL THE SLEEP. Ten hours in the bag, thank you very much.
  2. Cheeky nourishing breakfast of scrambled eggs (been craving these like crazy), vegan mozzarella, toast, rocket and ketchup (necessary).
  3. Cleaned the house. My brain can go a bit into overdrive (thinking all of the thoughts) when it is that time of the month and cleaning and tidying the house can help me feel calm. Tidy house = tidy mind? Right?
  4. Watched some of the Winter Olympics catchup on TV. I LOVE watching this. Don’t you just love watching humans do incredible things and living their dreams?
  5. Did a healing and letting go meditation on insight timer. Like I said –> period = ALL THE FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS (anyone else with me here…?) = gal friend over here needs a meditation or 5…
  6. All the lemon and ginger tea. I have been so busy with work lately and travelling all over the place, so I felt I needed a cheeky boost to my immune system – cue lemon and ginger tea.
  7. Took my iron supplement. I am prone to getting low iron so this is something I take on my period to take care of myself. I have talked about my period a lot in this post so far…oops…oh well, no shame. Everyone needs to stop being so grossed out by periods and that is all I will say today on the matter.
  8. Took my Vitamin D3 supplement. England -> Winter. That is all I need to say.
  9. Prayed my little heart out. Always talking to the big G.
  10. Told myself I loved myself in the mirror. Sounds corny doesn’t it, but I challenge you to look yourself square in the eyes and say you love yourself. It gets easier with time. I promise.
  11. Forgave myself for being snappy with the J man. Period – emotions, what can I say…?
  12. Didn’t check my work email, despite having a big event coming up, because I knew it was the best thing to do for my mental health. Emails can wait until Monday.
  13. Had a big smoothie. My body was craving all the fruits and veggies so I made a big green smoothie.
  14. Cooking a delicious tofu and veggie curry that is on the hob simmering right now, as it is JUST WHAT me and J fancy.
  15. And then I am going to watch some more winter olympics catch up, read my book and have an EARLY NIGHT because I feel that I need some more decent sleep. And sleep = self care.

Monday – I am going to be ready for you!

I hope you all have a fabulous week and you do one thing each day to take care of yourself 🙂 <3

What have you done to take care of yourself today?

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