Hello and welcome to the Lauren Kate Nutrition blog and website. I’m Lauren and I am a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist and Reiki Practitioner on a mission to help people heal their relationships to food and their bodies, love themselves and feel well in body, mind and soul. Here you will find me talk all things food and body peace, self love, living consciously and taking care of ourselves and others in this wonderful, yet sometimes messy, life. You will also find some cheeky nourishing recipes and some favourite food places and finds.

My work has developed under three pillars:

Peaceful Eating—–Nourished Mind——Satisfied Soul.

Peaceful Eating – I was a 90s kid who grew up eating fish fingers, chips and beans and hated anything green. University saw me gain some weight and then loose too much weight and falling into a sticky eating disorder. ED was healed a lot but gradually morphed into orthorexic behaviour and fearing “toxic foods” left, right and centre. Lots of healing later, I am very passionate about helping people learn how to nourish their bodies, minds and souls in a way that is right for them, is rooted in evidence based nutrition, is free from unnecessary restrictions and is fully intuitive and balanced. I enjoy helping people develop a healthy relationship to food and their bodies and fully realise their worth does not lie in their size or in how “perfectly healthy” their diet is. It lights me up to help people learn to nourish themselves in a way that is right for them and is free from restriction, external rules and fear.

Nourished Mind – I’ve experienced my fair share of anxiety that was triggered at 21 and this showed me the incredible importance of looking after our mental health. It has left me passionate about spreading mental health awareness and simple steps we can take to nourish our mental health such as exercise that feels good to you, meditation, mindfulness, good sleep, eating a well balanced diet and more. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Satisfied Soul – All of the things I have been through have shown the importance of good spiritual health that is right for you. Knowing that we are divine beings here for more than how we look, how successful we are or how “perfect” we can appear is so freeing. Satisfying your soul means nourishing your spirit with spiritual practices that resonate with you and doing things that light you up and make your soul sing. Whether that is reading a spiritual text of choice and following a particular religion, whether it is carrying crystals in your pockets and chanting after a yoga session or whether it is following your dreams and going for a life that lights you up. Nourishing our soul and our spiritual health is just as important as looking after our physical and mental health.

I have walked through tough things that I now feel passionate about helping others with. I am working to help others in positive ways using the abilities, experiences, gifts and qualifications I have been lucky enough to receive, remember and learn. I aim to live a soul nourishing life that I feel called to live. I hope my work and story inspires you to take steps towards your own healing and it gives you permission to give yourself more love, compassion and care.

Life is truly magical and we have to know what we aren’t before we know who we truly are; love.

The work I do is what lights me up and I hope that it can help serve you positively in some way.

To contact me, please email me at… 

Professional Qualifications

BA Business Management from Sheffield University (3 years, full time – Sheffield, UK) 

Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine from Australian College of Natural Therapies (2 years, full time – Sydney, Australia). 

Reiki-Seichem Level One and Two from Lightworker Workshops (Sydney, Australia).


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    Lauren your blog is an inspiration! I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

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