Lauren Kate Nutrition

You are here to do more than control the food on your plate or the size of your dress…

You deserve and are worthy of self love, self care and self kindness. 

New Nutritional Therapy services coming in 2018…

A little insight into what services are to come :

Peaceful Eating—–Nourished Mind——Satisfied Soul.

Peaceful Eating – My approach will align with the Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size principles. I will work to help people develop a healthy relationship to food and their bodies, be free from food guilt + overcome food fears, learn to honour their hunger and bodies, eat satisfying foods, learn that all foods can fit into a healthy diet and that food has no moral weighting to your worth as a person. You are not “good” for eating kale and “bad” for eating cookies.

Nourished Mind – My approach will involve helping you to look after your mental health. This means changing the narrative in your mind from one of self criticism and unkindness, to one of self love, compassion, encouragement and kindness. (I will always refer to a counsellor/therapist where appropriate.)

Satisfied Soul – My approach will also involve sharing the importance of nourishing our souls. Satisfying your soul can simply mean doing things that light you up and make you feel alive. It is about following your truth and living a life aligned to your true values. It is satisfying what you are truly hungry for and satisfying your soul. 

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